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Expanded Marketing Services - To help turn your business goals into reality, 180i has expanded its multi-channel marketing services

Competitive Advantage - Precision tailored custom applications increase competitive advantage.

Strategic e-Business - e-Business infrastructures that produce strategic and measurable benefits.

CRM - Collaboration increases customer lifetime management

Rapid Deployment - Timely benefits from improved scalable & reliable infrastructure





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CRM Quick Start Summary

The 180i CRM Quick Start Program is the catalyst for a comprehensive and proven deployment of your CRM initiatives. It provides a full feature set of CRM capabilities to manage lifetime customer relationships. Everything needed for true, effective CRM is provided - from scenario driven personalization, an e-mail campaign engine, test marketing tools and procedures, customer account management, and measurement and analysis to site design, business user administration, and system infrastructure set up. 180i provides you a feature rich implementation to get your key CRM initiatives up and running quickly and painlessly.

The 180i CRM Quick Start Program provides full-featured enterprise CRM capabilities, including:
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Measurement and Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Creative
  • Administration
  • System Infrastructure

Benefits You Can Count On
The CRM Quick Start Program provides fast, tangible benefits to:

  • Gain customer lifetime management
  • Jump start proven CRM business processes
  • Utilize best practices with seasoned experts
  • Understand all costs - no surprises
  • Provide ease of implementation

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