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Expanded Marketing Services - To help turn your business goals into reality, 180i has expanded its multi-channel marketing services

Competitive Advantage - Precision tailored custom applications increase competitive advantage.

Strategic e-Business - e-Business infrastructures that produce strategic and measurable benefits.

CRM - Collaboration increases customer lifetime management

Rapid Deployment - Timely benefits from improved scalable & reliable infrastructure





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Commerce Quick Start Summary

The 180i Commerce Quick Start Program enables organizations to sell online using a feature rich set of tools. This program is comprised of a complete online store, including: a full powered catalog and pricing engine, interactive shopping cart, integrated order processing and fulfillment, search capabilities, effective merchandising and full featured CRM capabilities. System infrastructure is also included. Businesses can now leverage existing corporate assets into a proven, full-featured interactive store that is designed to maximize revenues and provide the highest standard of customer satisfaction. This ease of implementation program provides you the ability to reach your customers as quickly and comprehensively as possible. The 180i Commerce Quick Start Program provides a complete CRM enabled commerce store, including:

  • Catalog and Pricing Engine
  • Interactive Shopping Cart
  • Search
  • Order Processing and Fulfillment
  • Merchandising
  • All Features of CRM Quick Start Program

Full-Featured Store - To Your Satisfaction
The Commerce Quick Start Program provides fast, tangible benefits to:

The 180i Commerce Quick Start Program provides a full-featured online store to:

  • Maximize online sales and customer service
  • Jump start proven commerce business processes
  • Utilize best practices with seasoned experts
  • Understand all costs - no surprises
  • Provide ease of implementation

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