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Expanded Marketing Services - To help turn your business goals into reality, 180i has expanded its multi-channel marketing services

Competitive Advantage - Precision tailored custom applications increase competitive advantage.

Strategic e-Business - e-Business infrastructures that produce strategic and measurable benefits.

CRM - Collaboration increases customer lifetime management

Rapid Deployment - Timely benefits from improved scalable & reliable infrastructure





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Planning Services


Making the Right Choices

With extensive experience architecting entire e-Business infrastructures for Global 2000 companies, 180i offers a variety of e-Business planning services to help you make the right choices.

Strategic Assessments
To enable you to gain a powerful and comprehensive understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there, 180i provides e-Business Strategic Assessments. These assessments include a complete analysis, strategy, requirements, and solutions specifications.

Strategy Services
Would your current or future planning benefit from senior business or technical architects who have strong domain knowledge of your e-Business plans? Would you like to know if your site is Privacy and COPPA compliant? 180i's Strategy Services, provide proven leaders to provide expert insight into your strategic direction.

Our Business Architects focus on: increasing revenues, decreasing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and gaining competitive advantages to ensure you excel at your true needs.

180i Technology Architects can guarantee your systems are properly architected for scalability, reliability and extensibility.

Our Senior Advisors, with years of experience leading complex projects, work with your team to mitigate risks, reduce costs and fulfill the most demanding schedule.


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