Pastor Steven Andrew

Rev. Steven Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side. He helps people know God and be strong Christians. As he defends Christianity, he is building 25 ministries, works with leading pastors, and answers today’s most perplexing challenges with Biblical wisdom. As a frequently guest on radio and television and often in the news, Pastor Steven shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Books by Steven Andrew

  • Jesus Makes America Great
  • Save America
  • Love God. Love One Another.
  • Making a Strong Christian Nation

The USA Christian Church website emphasizes Pastor Steven’s call for National Repentance, the affirmation of the USA’s covenant with God and for Christians to seek God first in politics. He also offers a daily devotional that is carried across the nation providing encouragement, Biblical teaching and Christian resources as well as timely insights on current issues. USA Christian Church also provides tools for Churches and Christians to use in ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The mission of USA Christian Church is to unite the USA in Christ, lead the nation to repentance and to instruct Americans to seek God first in politics.

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