Christian Internet

Christian leader using crowdfunding to build alternatives to Facebook and Google.

Once Steven Andrew saw Facebook block millions of people from getting his Christian messages of hope, he deciding to use his Silicon Valley Internet leadership skills and start a new social network that allows people to speak freely about life, liberty and happiness. This new site is called USA.Life and is pro-Christian and pro-American.

USA.Life is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty.

Andrew believes Facebook lied to Congress about being “a platform for all ideas,” since they restrict Christians and conservatives.

In April Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We consider Facebook to be a platform for all ideas,” in reply to Ted Cruz. However, Andrew says, “Zuckerberg misled Congress.”

Andrew reached up to 8 million people per month on Facebook, but now with censorship he only connects to around 80,000 people a month. He estimates more than 100 million people have been blocked since 2016, according to Facebook data. This is a huge problem.

“Facebook’s censorship caused millions of fewer people to follow God and strengthen their families, a financial loss of donations likely in the millions of dollars and a reduction in communicating with millions of more people by email and our website,” he said.  “Facebook is anti-American, since they censor those who believe like the founders.”

Andrew set up a crowdfunding page to fund and launch the new project and he provides an assessment of risks and answers frequently asked questions. The campaign has already exceeded $200,000.

“Freedom and privacy could be lost forever without USA.Life. However, we can save the Internet if 58,000 people give $10, or if 5,800 supporters donate $100. If people love Jesus Christ, they need USA.Life,” Andrew said.

New members are joining every day by signing up for a free account. Joining now gives users access to preferred usernames and project updates.

Andrew explains where the funds go with this financial chart.

Christian Internet Budget

“People are excited and hopeful again,” Andrew said. Many positive comments have been received, including:

  • Jennifer in Concord, California: “Will give us freedom and privacy. We need it.”
  • Arthur in Kimberly, Idaho: “Will save America.”

“Most of the enthusiasm comes from Christians, conservatives, families, pro-lifers, pastors, homeschoolers, Constitutionalists and traditional marriage supporters, who have been Big Tech’s target for massive blocking. However, USA.Life is for all who love America. People across the world are joining,” he said.

Andrew is also building a search engine, He calls this “America’s new search engine” and he is working to provide better results than Google. Users will get life-changing Christian and conservative information and real news that has been hidden,” he said.

Thank You Gifts

Special rewards are given to supporters as a thank you.* Examples are:

  • $10:  Gives you an American Hero postcard.
  • $25: Lists your name in the credits in the computer code, with a keepsake PDF you can print and frame. Plus all earlier rewards.
  • $100: Provides one year pro-version and a collector’s T-Shirt. Plus all earlier rewards.
  • $1,000-plus: Gets your name, loved one or business on the founders wall, permanent on both USA.Life and Plus all earlier rewards.
  • $100,000-plus: Displays your name, business or loved one on every page, of both USA.Life and permanently in a special credits section. Plus all earlier rewards.

Andrew is happy he hears from many concerned people who want this Christian Internet to launch.

“A lady said she was so happy to give $10 to save freedom. And a patriotic veteran said if he was a millionaire he would give a million dollars. He gave $1,000. Every gift makes a difference,” Andrew said.

What makes Andrew unique is he passionately believes like our founding fathers that God gives us liberty. In addition to being a Christian leader, he has extensive business and technical leadership experience to the Fortune 500 and start ups, including for Cisco, Stanford, Sega and Better Homes and Gardens, where he has successfully led and/or provided strategy for multi-million dollar initiatives.

To learn more, see the crowdfunding page at www.USA.Life.

* For reward descriptions, see the website for details..