King Jesus

2020 Is “Jesus Is King Year, A New Year of Covenant Liberty and Blessings,” Declares Steven Andrew

To solve our personal needs and the national political problems, 2020 is declared as “Jesus Is King Year, a year of covenant liberty and blessings for our lives and the USA,” by Rev. Steven Andrew. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads “America Is on the Lord’s Side,” a group of leading Christians and […]

“No King But King Jesus” Gives Liberty and Justice

The nation has seen tyranny and corruption. However, Steven Andrew is leading revival of having “no king but King Jesus,” as one of 7 Bible Truths bringing Christian liberty and God’s justice. To learn all 7 Bible Truths to save the USA, order Andrew’s riveting books, “Jesus Makes America Great” or “Save America”. “The LORD is our […]