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Expanded Marketing Services - To help turn your business goals into reality, 180i has expanded its multi-channel marketing services

Competitive Advantage - Precision tailored custom applications increase competitive advantage.

Strategic e-Business - e-Business infrastructures that produce strategic and measurable benefits.

CRM - Collaboration increases customer lifetime management

Rapid Deployment - Timely benefits from improved scalable & reliable infrastructure





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  Learn more about the full service marketing capabilities that 180i provides.
  Download high quality print version.
  180i Marketing Case Studies
  Better Homes and Gardens & Ladies Home Journal - Discover how 180i enabled Meredith Corporation to reach families across multiple marketing channels.
  Roxio - Learn how 180i helped Roxio stay in contact with customers and realize an improved online marketing strategy.
  180i Experience
  180i provides the experience you need to enhance your e-Business initiatives.
  Learn how to rapidly implement your e-Business initiative with our Quick Start Programs.
  Utilize this powerful community engine in your Internet strategy to extend your reach and retain more members.
  180i Strategic Analysis Reports
  Understand where your e-Business is -- as well as where it needs to be with 180i's Strategic Analysis Reports.
  EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Services
  Let 180i design or further develop your EDI solution to suit your business needs.


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